How to watch web blocked Rebellion on RTE Player

Sarah Green as May, Brian Gleeson as Jimmy, Charlie Murphy as Elizabeth, Barry Ward as Arthur, and Ruth Bradley as Frances
Brendan Hughes

IF you were disappointed that you couldn't get RTE's major drama series Rebellion, we tell you how to get it online. 

Viewers in the north vented their frustration after RTÉ's big budget drama on the Easter Rising was blocked online across the border.

More than 600,000 people and a 41 per cent share of the television audience tuned in for the launch of 1916 drama series Rebellion on Sunday night.

But many internet users in the north were left disappointed when they were unable to watch the show's debut on the RTÉ player.

However, tech-savvy internet users have been able to bypass the 'geoblock' using downloadable browser applications such as Hola.

It allows users to change their virtual location to view websites and content that is otherwise inaccessible in their home region.

Among those who expressed their disappointed over Rebellion appearing blocked online to northern viewers was Belfast comedian Tim McGarry.

He said on Twitter: "RTÉ's drama #Rebellion about 1916 is not available on RTÉ Player if you are in Northern Ireland. Did anybody read that Proclamation? #irony."

BBC radio presenter Lynette Fay tweeted: "Missed #Rebellion – can't access @rte player in the north. Is there any way I can catch up with first ep.. Even though I know how it ends.."

An RTÉ spokeswoman said Rebellion is available to TV and internet viewers on both sides of the border.

However, internet users' access would be blocked if their computer IP address indicates that they are located outside of the island of Ireland.

"Unfortunately this is outside of RTÉ's control as the IP address is issued by internet service providers directly to their customers," the spokeswoman said.

"RTÉ certainly hopes that the series is seen by as many viewers as possible in all 32 counties. We would advise users to contact their service provider on this issue."

Rebellion is RTÉ's most expensive drama ever, with its budget reportedly around €6 million.

The five-part series will air on Sundance TV in the US and is being marketed to attract further interest from international broadcasters.It should work if you do this:

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