Barack Obama among famous faces urging donations to Hawaiian wildfire charities

Barack Obama among famous faces urging donations to Hawaiian wildfire charities (PA)
Barack Obama among famous faces urging donations to Hawaiian wildfire charities (PA)

Barack Obama, Jason Momoa and Bella Hadid are among the famous faces urging members of the public to donate aid to those affected by the ongoing wildfires in Hawaii.

The former US president said efforts needed to be “stepped up” and that thoughts and prayers “in a moment like this are not enough”.

On Monday authorities said the death toll from the wildfires stands at 96, making it the deadliest in the US for more than a century.

Over the weekend US TV show host Oprah Winfrey visited an emergency shelter on the fire-ravaged island of Maui to highlight the plight of evacuees.

Winfrey, who is also a part-time Maui resident, said her biggest concern was “having the organisation that’s needed to get the money that people want to send directly to the people”.

In a video posted online, Obama said: “We now find ourselves mourning the lives that are lost in our thoughts and prayers to the families that have lost so much.

“The thing about it is though, thoughts and prayers in the moment like this are not enough. We have to step up and we have to help those families and we have to help (them) rebuild.”

He posted links to the Hawaiian Red Cross and urged people to donate to the charity.

Aquaman star Momoa, who is a native Hawaiian, shared details for several charity music events to support the people of the affected islands.

“In times of great need, Hawaiʻi bands together to help one another, and this time is no different,” he wrote.

“Let the power of music unite us and bring relief to Maui’s affected communities. Together, we can make a positive impact.”

Momoa has been resharing resources to social media over the past week to inform his followers about the devastation on the island, and recently warned holidaymakers not to travel to Maui in the wake of the devastation.

Alongside a video shared on his Instagram which showed the raging fire, the actor wrote: “Maui is not the place to have your vacation right now.

“Do not travel to Maui. Do not convince yourself that your presence is needed on an island that is suffering this deeply.”

Sharing a list of places to donate, US model Hadid urged people to “come together and help in any way we can”.

“My heart breaks for the magical Island of Hawaii & people of Maui who were impacted by the devastating wildfires last week,” she wrote.

“This land needs to be protected and loved, let us come together and help in any way we can to rebuild.

“I am thinking of the families who have lost loved ones, and are mourning the loss of their beautiful home.”