Travellers miss flights after Covid Pass problem on NHS App

The pass is needed to show the proof of vaccination required to travel abroad.

An issue with the NHS App and website has left people unable to access their Covid Pass, leaving some unable to confirm they are vaccinated and safe to travel.

NHS Digital confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that the Covid Pass section of its official app and website has been hit by a problem.

The NHS App has gained more than 10 million new users in recent months as it became the platform for accessing the pass, which shows proof of a person’s vaccination status and is required for international travel.

“There are currently issues with accessing the Covid Pass on the NHS App and website,” NHS Digital said on Twitter.

“We are investigating the issue and will update as soon as we can.”

NHS Digital has not confirmed what caused the issue.

Users attempting to access the pass have been met with an error message which asks them to try again later.

Chuck Adolphy told the PA news agency it was a “shambles” as he tried to fly on a “dream holiday” with his girlfriend on Wednesday morning, from Gatwick to Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, before being turned away.

“Went to go on the app and my Covid Pass wasn’t appearing,” he said.

“Didn’t even realise at the time there was an outage was just turned away and told they couldn’t do anything about it.

“Rang the number and they said the app and site are down and there is nothing they can do. EasyJet said nothing either. Showed them my vaccine card and nothing.”

The incident has also raised concerns online, with some people due to fly in the coming hours and days expressing fears that being unable to access the pass could cause them to miss flights.

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