Smart speaker tool alerts users to home appliance product recalls

Electrical Safety First said it hopes its new tool will help prevent fires caused by faulty items.

A new smart speaker add-on has been created by a charity that can inform users if an electrical goods manufacturer has issued a product recall.

Electrical Safety First said the tool, which is compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, could help prevent fires caused by faulty appliances.

Users can ask their virtual assistant questions such as “has my washing machine been recalled?”, and they will then be asked to give its brand name before the assistant will inform them of any recalls that have been issued by the company in question.

The tool can be accessed by asking a smart speaker to “open Electrical Safety First”.

The charity said the tool could help raise awareness around electrical safety at home.

According to analysis by the charity, fires caused by faulty washing machines in England have hit a five-year high, with 517 reported last year.

Chief executive Lesley Rudd said: “Smart technology has the ability to do so much more than just tell us what the weather is like, it can also help to keep us safer in our homes.

“Our latest tool for smart speakers will inform users if a manufacturer has issued a product recall in seconds and prompt them to take action.

“With millions of smart speakers in homes we hope to weaponise smart tech to help protect people and their homes from electrical fires.”

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