Nokia unveils six new smartphones in line-up revamp

The phone maker is launching a range of new low-cost handsets.

Nokia has unveiled six new smartphones in one of the firm’s largest launches to date, including an entry-level smartphone costing just £79.

The announcements have been made by HMD Global, the Finnish start-up which licenses the Nokia phone brand.

The phone maker has created three new ranges as part of a revamp of its line-up, with two devices each being released in the flagship X-series, the mid-tier G-series and the entry-level C-series.

And in an effort to entice users away from the premium smartphone ranges of Apple and Samsung, which can cost more than £1,000, Nokia’s new line-up consists of devices all costing £300 or less, while still including large, high-definition screens and good-quality cameras.

As well as affordability, the phone maker is promising long battery life across its range, as well as more durability than rivals and monthly security updates for at least two years.

HMD Global chief executive Florian Seiche said the company “want people to love their phones”.

“We want you to trust that we put security at the heart of everything we do – Nokia smartphones come with security and software updates for extra peace of mind,” he said.

“And we want people to keep their phones for longer, thanks to our signature durability.”

The top tier of the firm’s new range consists of the Nokia X10 and X20, which both have 6.67-inch Full HD+ displays.

The X10 has a 48-megapixel quad camera and starts at £250, while the X20 has a 64-megapixel camera and begins at £300.

The mid-tier G10 and G20 both come with up to three-day battery life, Nokia says, as well as 6.5-inch screens, with the G10 costing £110 and the G20 £130.

The entry-level C-series has been designed to make smartphone technology accessible to everyone, the firm said.

The C10 is not currently planned to come to the UK, but the C20, with a 6.5-inch display and a 5-megapixel camera, will be available for £79 when it goes on sale in early June.

Industry expert Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight, said the new approach from HMD and Nokia made sense for the business.

“It feels as though HMD Global has recognised that it is futile trying to compete in the premium £1000-plus smartphone market against Apple, Samsung and the growing number of Chinese smartphone makers,” he said.

“It appears to have made a conscious decision to focus on mid and low-tier smartphones where the Nokia brand remains strongest, and the six new devices announced today reflect this.

“HMD Global’s new naming architecture with three tiers of products feels a lot easier to understand compared to its previous approach of giving products names such as 8.3 and 3.4. Consumers and channels will find it easier to understand the differences between C-series, G-series and X-series.

“HMD Global has shifted from its strapline of ‘pure, secure and up to date’ to ‘love it, trust it, keep it’.

“This new approach builds on many of the same focus areas such as durability, regular security updates and extended warranties.

“It underlines its desire to be a trusted, dependable brand, perhaps in contrast to the heavy technology focus that some of its rivals still promote with their high-tier, feature-packed smartphones.”

As well as the new range of phones, HMD also announced plans to launch its own mobile network – HMD Mobile – which is set to come to the UK later this month.

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