Instagram launches Live Rooms for four-person live-streams

The social media platform has doubled the number of people who can take part in a live-stream.

Instagram has expanded its live-streaming feature to enable up to four users to stream at the same time.

The social media platform has launched Instagram Live Rooms, an expansion of the app’s Live feature which allows a user to begin live-streaming to their followers.

The Facebook-owned platform said it hopes that expanding the number of people allowed on a stream will spark increased use among prominent users for content such as creating podcasts, as well as offer a new way for friends to come together while also sharing the content with those who follow them.

The new feature will begin rolling out on Monday and will be accessible via the Instagram camera, where users will be able to choose the Live option and then tap a new Rooms icon to add guests they want to launch a Live Room with.

Like other live-streaming platforms, Live Rooms will be viewable publicly by anyone who follows someone on the live-stream, and Instagram appears to be targeting its large content creator and influencer user base with the new feature.

Instagram Live Rooms
Up to four people can take part in a live-stream using Live Rooms (Instagram/PA)

The platform says that Live Rooms can be used to help someone boost their reach by inviting multiple guests, as each guest’s followers will also be notified of the stream.

Instagram has also confirmed that Live Rooms will include interactive features such as shopping and live fundraisers.

The new tool comes after a substantial increase in video chatting and live-streaming during the pandemic and since the introduction of social distancing rules.

Instagram said the aim of the new feature is to enable more people to share their passions and bring their communities together during the ongoing crisis.

Ofcom figures from last year showed the proportion of UK adults using video calling and chatting tools doubled in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak as millions looked for new ways to stay connected.

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