Twitter explores paid Super Follows feature

Fans would be able to pay a monthly subscription to access bonus tweets and other exclusive content.

Twitter is exploring a feature that will allow users to charge followers for exclusive perks.

Super Follows is designed to provide creators and publishers with paid support from fans who want a bit more than the usual tweets accessible to everyone.

This includes bonus tweets only viewable to paying members, which would form part of a monthly subscription.

In exchange, users could receive a support badge on their profile, subscriber-only newsletters, deals or discounts, special community access and other exclusive content, according to a mock screen published by the social network.

The move comes as creators look to generate an income from content they share online, which the likes of Patreon and OnlyFans have offered in recent years.

Should Twitter take a cut, the development would also supply the company with a new revenue source.

But it is not clear when the company intends to make the feature available on the platform.

Revealed during Twitter’s analyst day event for investors on Thursday, Super Follows was displayed on its “What’s next” slide with no release date.

“We’re rethinking incentives and exploring solutions to provide monetary incentive models for creators and publishers to be directly supported by their audience,” the presentation explained.

Elsewhere, the social network showed another potential addition called Communities, where people can join group-like spaces with others on specific interests.

Describing the idea, Twitter said: “We’re working to create a product experience that makes it easier for people to form, discover, and participate in conversations that are more targeted to the relevant communities or geographies they’re invested in.”

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