Sony unveils new TVs which mimic the human brain in how they process objects

The Bravia TVs come with the world's first ‘cognitive intelligence-powered' processor which analyses images and sound – just like the brain.

Sony’s newest televisions will contain an artificial intelligence-powered processor which it says can process images in the same manner as the human brain – in order to boost the viewing experience.

The tech firm’s new Cognitive Processor XR uses advanced AI known as “cognitive intelligence” and is able to understand how humans see and hear in order to adjust images and sound from the television.

Sony said the human brain unconsciously focuses on certain points when it sees an object, having scanned the whole image and analysing a range of elements at once, something it says its new processor is also able to do to create scenes which look more lifelike as a result.

The new technology will appear in the company’s new Bravia XR line-up of televisions which the Japanese tech giant has unveiled ahead of the CES technology show next week.

“Sony’s intent is to constantly innovate in the TV technology to offer the most immersive viewing experience possible”, Sony Europe’s TV business head, Masaomi Ando said.

“The new Bravia XR TVs convey reality better than ever thanks to the processing power of the world’s first cognitive processor which goes beyond conventional AI.”

New image technology in televisions has traditionally focused on improving the LED and OLED components in the screen as well as improving screen resolution, but advances in AI have seen firms begin to turn to the technology as a way of better processing pictures and sound.

As well as the new processor, Sony also announced its own streaming service – Bravia Core – which will be exclusively available on the new Bravia XR range of televisions and will include content from Sony Pictures Entertainment before they reach other services or platforms.

CES, which traditionally takes place across several days in Las Vegas each year, has moved entirely online for 2021.

On Monday, a number of well known brands, including Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic, will hold virtual press conferences to announce new gadgets and products.

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