Twitter launches new online transparency centre in effort to be more open

The social media giant said it wanted to make its procedures more ‘accessible to the general public'.

Twitter has rebuilt the website where it publishes its transparency reports in order to make it easier to understand and be more accessible, the company has said.

The social media platform has announced that the site which hosts its biannual report will now be a “comprehensive” Twitter transparency centre which will house all the firm’s latest data in one place.

Transparency reports are used by many social media sites to disclose the number of government requests for information they have received, as well as figures the number of accounts a platform has taken action against and the number of requests to remove content it has received.

It also includes information on how it enforces its rules and how much dangerous content has been removed from the platform, including content linked to abuse, violence, terrorism and extremism and child sexual exploitation.

Twitter said its new centre would include data visualisations to allow trends to be better compared over time, as well as allow country comparisons to be made.

In a blog post announcing the update, Twitter said transparency was “core to the work we do at Twitter”.

“The open nature of our service has led to unprecedented challenges around protecting freedom of expression and privacy rights as governments around the world increasingly attempt to intervene in this open exchange of information,” the company said.

“We believe that transparency is a key principle in our mission to protect the Open Internet, and advancing the Internet as a global force for good.”

Twitter and wider social media have been repeatedly criticised over their approach and response to tackling harmful material on their platforms.

According to the company, the new centre will be used to make the Twitter’s transparency reporting “more easily understood and accessible to the general public”.

Twitter also confirmed that it plans to expand the languages in which it publishes its reports as a further part of its openness and accessibility plans.

“Our work to increase transparency efforts across the company is tireless and constant,” the social media giant said.

“We will continue to work on increasing awareness and understanding about how our policies work and our practices around content moderation, data disclosures and other critical areas.

“In addition, we will take every opportunity to highlight the actions of law enforcement, governments, and other organisations that impact Twitter and the people who use our service across the world.”

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