Google confirms existence of new Nest speaker

The announcement came following a leak and very few details are known about the new product.

Google has confirmed the existence of a new Nest speaker after the device was leaked.

Speculation was fuelled this week after a regulatory filing in Japan was uncovered.

Although Google has decided to officially reveal the device, it is yet to announce details such as features, a release date or even a name.

A picture and video show the new Nest speaker in the flesh, adopting the same design seen across Google’s existing Nest speakers, as well as a larger, vertically standing form akin to the Google Home Max.

So far, it appears the speaker will be available in a traditional light grey colour, pink or blue.

Google’s product lead for smart speakers recently told the PA news agency that working from home during lockdown is giving engineers new ideas about how its smart devices could be developed in future.

Like many firms across the world, employees of the tech giant have been forced to work remotely in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Google Pixel 4
Google previously confirmed that a leaked image of its Pixel 4 was indeed real (Google/PA)

“I think it’s enhanced the insight that we have on these devices because now we’re spending 100% of our time with them, so I would actually say some of the key insights and some of the new features you’re going to start seeing is because we have been living with our products every single day, finding new use cases for them and actually questioning some things,” Mark Spates said to PA.

“I would say the time at home has actually made us all better creators of these products because we get to live with them a lot longer.”

It’s not the first time Google has taken the surprise step of revealing upcoming products after they were leaked.

Last year, the company confirmed images of the Pixel 4 handset ahead of official launch.

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