Sony's robotic dog Aibo might have already won CES

The canine was one of several new robots seen at the tech show.

Robots are everywhere at CES, but one above all appears to have captured hearts already – Sony’s Aibo.

It’s actually been seen before – having originally launched in 1999, the robotic canine is now back as we enter a world more ready for companion robots.

Sony launched pre-orders for the new Aibo in Japan last year, and chief executive Kazuo Hirai said the bot would be shipping to customers soon.

However, sadly there is no word yet on when or even if the new Aibo will ever make it to the UK.

Which is slightly heartbreaking, because the metal dog is incredibly cute.

Aibo was the finale to a day of robotic announcements ahead of CES, with LG unveiling three concept “service robots”, but also having some on-stage issues with its home companion bot, CLOi.

The small droid became suddenly unresponsive, much to the amusement of the audience at the press conference.

In other exciting news, Samsung revealed its new The Wall TV – a first of its kind in that it’s modular and can be built to a specification that suits you, up to a massive 146 inches.

(Jae C. Hong/AP)
(Jae C Hong/AP)

Elsewhere, a new version of the HTC Vive, the Vive Pro, which has a significantly improved resolution dual OLED display was also announced.

HTC revealed it had partnered with Intel to create a wireless adaptor that would enable Vive and Vive Pro owners to use the headset without plugging into a PC for the first time.

The doors to the convention, and thousands more new products, open on Tuesday.

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