Karaoke Animoji might be the best thing about the iPhone X

If you're not a believer, these videos might change your mind.

Apple’s latest iPhone comes with an eye-watering price tag, but after watching a few of these videos you might start thinking more seriously about shelling out for one.

The iPhone X uses facial recognition technology for practical things like unlocking the phone, but also tracks facial movements. And it’s this paired with the new animated emojis that’s keeping a lot of people entertained.

So here are a bunch of people singing their hearts out, as various animals.

1. This might be one of the most creative attempts out there so far

2. While this one probably makes the most sense

3. The passion people are singing with is obvious, even seen through a fox’s face

4. Songs with apt-sounding lyrics are proving popular

5. While a purple unicorn can make anything make sense

6. And seem meaningful

7. Sometimes they can seem creepy

8. But the variety of emojis on offer really makes it difficult to get bored

9. It turns out watching animals singing songs is actually a lot of fun

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