The iPhone X is available for pre-order and people are stressing out

The newest iPhone is certainly proving popular.

Apple’s most expensive phone ever, the iPhone X, is now available for pre-order ahead of its general release next Friday.

Apple fans in the UK have been able to pre-order since 8.01am, and delivery times currently sit somewhere between five and six weeks – demonstrating the popularity of the product.

But, for plenty of people, actually placing an order has proved pretty difficult, with reports that the Apple Store page people were recommended to buy from went up late.

And after getting on to it, it seems like things didn’t get much easier.

To accommodate the midnight Pacific Time launch, pre-orders went live at 3.01am Eastern Time – meaning there were some very unhappy potential customers.

Others though were fully prepared for the task ahead.

And had clearly been here before.

People who use the iPhone Upgrade programme, which gets you a new iPhone each time one comes out, reported a pretty swift process.

And are probably feeling a bit like this.

For a lot of people though, the £999 starting price was an immediate turn-off.

But the success of an Apple product is probably one of life’s few certainties nowadays – so tweets like these are not at all surprising.

For those unwilling to shell out over a grand on an iPhone, the much cheaper iPhone 8 is already available, and of course there are plenty of other products out there.

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