A prototype self-balancing shoe could help reduce falls among the elderly

The B-Shoe uses motion sensors, machine learning algorithms and a physical traction device to move feet and restore balance.

A new smart shoe claims it can help prevent elderly users from falling by using a motion sensor to correct imbalance.

The B-Shoe, which has been developed in the US, uses a motion sensor, a micro processor and an algorithm to analyse when a wearer is unbalanced.

This then triggers a small traction device built into the shoe that can move the foot in order to restore balance.

The shoes are currently in development, with B-Shoe seeking investment in order to complete the testing process and begin manufacturing – a process they believe will take around two years.

In the meantime, the firm has posted videos of various trials on its YouTube page.

B-Shoe says that as people get older, their reflexes and the ability to quickly take a backwards step in order to regain balance diminishes – which is where they believe their shoes come in.

As part of improving all round care, B-Shoe says the footwear will also have the ability to connect to mobile devices, and alert family members or carers should a fall occur.

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