Take a look at these amazing pictures of Earth taken from above by an astronaut

His holiday pictures are better than yours.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has been up on the International Space Station (ISS) for four months now and when he’s not busy with experiments and spacewalks, he takes stunning pictures of the Earth below and shares them with world via his Twitter account.

Using a Nikon D4, Pesquet regularly tweets shots of familiar landmarks he can see from space.

The ISS circles the Earth every 90 minutes, giving him plenty of opportunities to snap these postcard pictures.

He recently snapped this picture of the vast snowy plains in Russia but was a little confused about the shelterbelts – rows of trees that act as a windbreak for fields.

He also spotted a light dusting of snow on north Africa’s sandy Atlas Mountains.

He shared this bizarre view of Saudi Arabia, which reminded the astronaut of a certain retro arcade game.

In one of his more surreal tweets, Pesquet said the alpine glaciers “look a bit like whipped egg whites”.

“They are fragile like eggs too, you can see traces of melting already” he wrote.

He debunked a myth about the Great Wall of China while showing us spectacular pictures of the pyramids from above.

If you look closely, you can see their shaded sides in the middle of the picture.

He also put the size of the Grand Canyon in perspective.

How about the Northern Lights for a lunchtime view?

Pasquet is a European Space Agency astronaut and duplicates his tweets in French to keep all his fans happy.

The former Air France pilot will keep snapping until he returns to Earth this May.

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