Sweet, or an attack on Britain? Harry & Meghan docuseries divides public opinion

The Netflix programme was the top trending topic in the UK and US on Thursday morning.
The Netflix programme was the top trending topic in the UK and US on Thursday morning.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix docuseries has been described as “sweet and thoughtful” and “an attack on Britain and the monarchy”, as royal watchers across the world shared divided opinions.

#HarryandMeghanNetflix was the top trend on Twitter in the UK and the US on Thursday morning, and the fourth highest worldwide, as thousands of viewers started watching the first three episodes of Harry & Meghan after they dropped at 8am GMT on Thursday.

With so many people simultaneously trying to watch, many viewers said they faced long loading times to access the first episode, complaining on Twitter that the streaming giant had “crashed”.

“It’s been loading for like three minutes now (please) let me in,” tweeted one keen viewer.

The initial reception from members of the public appeared to be mixed, with some pleased to have been offered an insight into the couple’s relationship and others taking issue with the accusations of racism and criticisms of the royal family.

Twitter user @MimsyYamaguchi posted: “This is a very sweet and thoughtful documentary. They both are very happy they found each other.

“I see a lot of Princess Diana in him.”

Another user, @Kimarielennon, tweeted: “Watching the Harry & Meghan documentary on Netflix and what I see is an all-out attack on the Monarchy & Great Britain and its people as a whole.”

Duke and Duchess of Sussex Netflix documentary
Harry & Meghan offers new insights into the lives of the royal couple (Duke and Duchess of Sussex/Netflix/PA)

Some criticised the timing of the show’s release during a cost-of-living crisis.

“They may be genuine and want to control their message. However, it’s bad timing to release this,” tweeted @Katieannmanc.

“So many people can’t afford power or food, so the ‘woe is me’ narrative of the millionaires from their compound in California is not going to play well.”

Another member of the public voiced their appreciation of “finally” hearing from friends of Meghan.

“Finally we hear from her friends,” tweeted @Merbabe71.

“Those who love and know her.”

Among those close to the duchess who appear in the docuseries are her mother, Doria Ragland.

“Episode 1-3 of #HarryandMeghanNetflix is fantastic, loving seeing how they met, their friends and Mama Doria speaking about their experiences in Harry and Meghan’s journey,” one user tweeted.

“Heartwarming and I feel for Harry and Meghan and what they went through.”

Some watchers appeared to be left wanting more from the opening three episodes, with @Freedom16356531 stating they had learned “nothing new”.

“There is nothing in #HarryandMeghanNetflix that is a shock,” they tweeted.

“Nothing new or shocking.”