The people's choice: Jill Scott's IAC win delights sports, entertainment stars

Her victory was described online as a ‘no brainer'.

Figures from across the sports and entertainment worlds have congratulated new queen of the jungle Jill Scott on being crowned the winner of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The former England footballer, 35, beat Matt Hancock and Owen Warner on Sunday in a result that some of her friends and biggest fans described online as a “no brainer”.

“Couldn’t (have) been a better choice,” tweeted former England rugby player Rochelle “Rocky” Clark, adding: “The peoples choice.”

Former England footballer Fara Williams concurred, posting: “Never in doubt.

“Queen of the jungle so proud of you @JillScottJS8 you absolutely smashed it.

“Glad the nation got to see the amazing person you are.”

Williams was among a number of both current and retired footballers to express their joy at Scott’s victory, with Carly Telford, Sue Smith and Fern Whelan all writing messages of congratulations.

“SO PROUD OF YOU!” said Whelan.

“Completely deserved, was herself the whole way through!” she continued in a later tweet.

“Even the dance moves haven’t changed in 15 years.”

Scott’s former football clubs Everton and Manchester City also got in on the action, along with the official Lionesses Twitter account.

Meanwhile, broadcaster Dan Walker said Scott was a “worthy winner”, adding: “Always thinking of others. Her nan will be so proud.”

Walker also paid tribute to runner-up Warner, writing: “If @_OwenWarner doesn’t get a supermarket or fast food deal out of this it’s a disgrace.

“What a lovely pair they were.”

Actor and reigning I’m A Celebrity! champion Danny Miller said he was delighted to pass on the throne to Scott.

He posted: “Deserved winner @JillScottJS8! A pleasure to hand over the crown to you! Enjoy it!”

And Miller’s fellow 2021 participant, parasport athlete Kadeena Cox, said Scott’s win restored her faith in the British public, adding: “Thank the lord Matt Hancock didn’t win.”