Third contestant eliminated from I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The soap star was announced as the celebrity with the fewest votes during Monday's show.

Sue Cleaver has become the third contestant to be eliminated from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The soap star, 59, was announced as the celebrity with the fewest votes during Monday’s show by hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.

After leaving the Australian jungle, Cleaver told the presenting duo: “Camp life, I’ve absolutely adored it. I’ve absolutely adored waking up in the jungle, that has been wonderful.

“You can stuff your trials where the sun don’t shine quite frankly.”

When asked whether she felt as though her time in the jungle was done, Cleaver added: “Absolutely, I’d absolutely had enough, I’d hit a wall.

“It’s the anxiety, it’s the not knowing, it’s having absolutely no control over your life. That’s weird. That is so weird.”

The Coronation Street actress, who has played Eileen Grimshaw in the soap since 2000, also revealed that she initially found taking part in the ITV reality show difficult as she is “quite a private person”.

“I’ve always kept part of me separate,” she said.

“I’ve kept my work and my life very, very separate, so it was kind of a big deal for me to go ‘oh God, everyone is going to see what I’m actually really like’.”

Before walking across the jungle bridge to be greeted by her family, Cleaver said: “I think the biggest thing is that you feel very vulnerable.

“And like humans who don’t have any control over their situation.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Matt Hancock left his campmates less than impressed after burning part of the camp’s meal.

As presenter and property expert Scarlette Douglas asked the former health secretary, 44, if he had checked the rice, she lifted the pot and said: “Totally burnt.”

Douglas, 35, who became the second celebrity to be evicted from the jungle on Sunday, said to Hancock: “I thought you were keeping an eye on that.”

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Seann Walsh said: “Matt did a bit of an oopsie with the cooking and forgot that the rice was being cooked.”

He added: “I don’t remember there being so many problems with the cooking when Charlene was here.

“I think this restaurant’s gone downhill. Sorry Matt.”

Hancock appeared unfazed and was apparently unaware of his campmates’ feelings, saying: “We rescued the situation, we got half a pan of rice.

“Basically we lost one packet of rice. All is well.”

Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner received a much warmer reception from the camp after he triumphed in the return of the Boiling Point Bushtucker Trial, which Chris Moyles had attempted the previous week.

The trial, which involved finding spanners which could then be used to retrieve stars from an underwater network of pipes, left radio presenter Moyles, 48, close to tears after he became noticeably distressed and managed to secure just one out of a possible 11 stars.

Joking in the Bush Telegraph, Moyles said: “I really wanted to have another go at Boiling Point because I did such a brilliant job last time.

“Oh no, that’s right, I basically panicked and ended up with one star. That was it.”

After volunteering himself for Boiling Point: The Return, Warner, 23, admitted: “I’ve wanted to do quite a physical challenge.

“I feel like all mine have been just getting gunked. I’d like to do something physical.”

He added: “I’m going to go in there and think about food. I reckon I’ll do it in less than a minute with that mindset.”

Hancock also put himself forward for the trial, but conceded to Warner saying: “I’m keen to do it but I’ve done one like this before and Owen hasn’t.”

After giving Warner some information about the trial, Moyles said in the Bush Telegraph: “I think the only way you can panic Owen really is if you said, ‘I don’t think there’s going to be any food tonight for dinner’, and then he’d probably turn into the Incredible Hulk.”

Warner blitzed through the trial and secured all nine stars available, finishing with time to spare.

Returning to camp to share the good news, Warner yelled out: “We eating good tonight.”

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph shortly after, he added: “I’m going to miss a lot of things about this jungle experience but walking back with good news to a group of hungry people it’s the best feeling ever.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV 1.