Judge denies motion that Britney Spears face more questions over conservatorship

The judge said the motion had been denied in order to protect Spears from ‘unwarranted annoyance, embarrassment or oppression'.

A US judge has denied a motion by Britney Spears’ father that the pop star return to court to face further questioning over her conservatorship, as her lawyers called the request “morally abominable”.

Judge Brenda Penny said the singer’s deposition was “unlikely” to produce any information not discoverable by Jamie Spears’ legal team through “alternative means”.

It comes as the legal battle continues over Mr Spears’ alleged misconduct during the controversial legal and financial arrangement, which was terminated last November after almost 14 years.

Ms Penny recently ordered that Mr Spears himself be deposed, and face questions about alleged surveillance of the singer at her home.

At a hearing on Wednesday, the judge said that the motion to have Ms Spears face questions had been denied in order to protect her from “unwarranted annoyance, embarrassment or oppression”.

Mr Spears attended the hearing via telephone, as legal representatives on both sides exchanged strong words in the courtroom.

“Whether (Mr Spears) believes it or not, whether he accepts it or not, his daughter feels traumatised by what she went through at his hands,” said Mathew Rosengart, who represents the singer.

“He is free to believe his own flesh and blood is lying, she isn’t, but he is free to believe that.

“But what would a decent human being… what would a decent father do?

“He has told the world that he loves his daughter. If that is true, and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, he should accept the decision of the court.

“It’s what a decent man would do. It’s what a decent father would do.”

But Mr Spears’ own lawyer Alex Weingarten accused Mr Rosengart of directing his words “not to the court, but to the media”.

“Mr Spears did right by his daughter,” he said.

Britney Spears UK tour launch
The conservatorship over Spears was terminated last November (Yui Mok/PA)

“It is because of (the conservatorship) that she is where she is today. Mr Spears is proud and will remain proud of what he did for, not to, his daughter.”

He added that Mr Spears would ultimately be “vindicated” by the court and that he had “done nothing wrong”.

Mr Rosengart responded that it would be “impossible” for Mr Spears to be vindicated or repair the damage to his reputation.

“If he wants to go on television or write a book to vindicate himself, I wish him luck,” he said.

“(But) to use the court’s time to vindicate himself… is wrong.”

A further hearing was set by Ms Penny for August 24, in which she will rule whether or not Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group will also be subject to deposition.