Contestants left stunned and in fits of laughter after Love Island talent show

The contestants had to show off their hidden skills in front of their fellow islanders in Monday's episode.

The islanders have been left stunned, impressed and in fits of laughter after taking part in the Love Island talent show 2022.

Monday’s episode saw the contestants take to the stage in front of their fellow islanders to show off their hidden skills.

Among those to leave an impression was Andrew Le Page after he impressed with his stand-up routine, while Indiyah Polack caused uncontrollable laughter at her attempt to play the recorder.

For his comedic routine, Andrew used a small-scale model of the villa to showcase his estate agent skills and quick wit.

As he went through areas of the villa, he recalled standout moments from the series to poke fun at his fellow contestants.

His biggest zinger came when he left his partner Tasha Ghouri in the lurch when he said: “One memory for me that particularly stands out was coming out and seeing an absolute worldie of a girl in a blue bikini. I think we all know who that is – Antigone.”

Afterwards in the beach hut, Tasha said: “We did not expect this from Andrew. When he said Antigone instead of me I was like ‘Ah a stab in the heart’ but it’s fine Andrew like my heart is still for you.”

Indiyah had her fellow contestants crying with laughter as she attempted to play the recorder, but it was often very out of tune.

In the beach hut afterwards, she said: “I haven’t practised since I was eight years old but you could still make out what I was trying to play so I’m actually really proud of myself.”

For Tasha’s performance she gave a rendition of the cup song from Pitch Perfect while Dami Hope wrote a rap about the islander’s time in the villa.

Adam also amazed his fellow islanders with a card trick which saw him get his partner Paige Thorne to act as his glamorous assistant to shuffle about the cards in various ways.

After she laid out four piles, he got her to turn over the top card of each to reveal four ace cards which left the other islanders in shock.

While Paige and Gemma Owen gave a performance of My Humps by Black Eyed Peas wearing matching outfits of black bodysuits, pink trousers and white caps with their initials on them.

Ekin-Su played up to her villa title by wearing a sash which said “Miss Drama Queen 2022” along with a long sparkly silver dress and crown as she delivered a dramatic speech.

After complimenting her fellow female islanders individually, she told her partner Davide: “I can’t promise you no more drama, however, what I can promise you is you’re on for a heck of a ride.”

Italian stallion Davide demonstrated how to make a carbonara pasta topless with just an apron and chef’s hat for his talent show moment while Luca gave his best Troy Bolton impression by singing Breaking Free from High School Musical.

Dancer Danica Taylor also showed off her moves with a sultry dance routine and her new partner Jamie Allen presented his professional footballer skills.

Earlier in the episode, Danica had quizzed Jamie whether he fell into the footballer stereotype of not always being loyal in relationships.

He told her that was not his behaviour, adding: “I’m 27 now I’ve got all of that out of my system. I feel like your energy and stuff you’ll keep me on my toes, which is something that I need.”

Danica later turned to Gemma, whose father is football star Michael Owen, to ask her advice about players.

The dancer said to Gemma: “I know there’s sometimes a bit of a stereotype. Is he the kind of guy like young footballers, who go out into the clubs, they get tables, they get the girls going.”

She added: “I do forget that obviously your dad literally is primetime, absolutely at the top of his game.”

Gemma replied: “All footballers, from what I know, they all have that sort of laddie… a bit cocky, a bit cheeky. It’s sort of the stereotype but it is half true.”

She added: “He knows he’s decent looking, and he knows he can probably get girls and they’re going to be throwing themselves but it genuinely does depend on the type of person.”

Speaking in the beach hut later Danica added: “Her (Gemma’s) mum and dad have been together since they were god knows how old, so you know, dreams do come true.”

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