Sparks and cream fly as Love Islanders show true feelings in Snog, Marry, Pie

Luca Bish was branded ‘not a true friend' by fellow Love Island contestant Tasha Ghouri as she threw a custard pie into his face.

Luca Bish was branded “not a true friend” by fellow Love Island contestant Tasha Ghouri as she threw a cream pie into his face.

Sparks and cream flew during a game of Snog, Marry, Pie on Monday’s episode which saw islanders reveal their true feelings about one another.

Luca received a total of three pies to the face, an achievement he shared with villa best-friend Dami Hope, who was also pied three times.

Unloading her pie, Tasha explained: “clearly he has bad opinions about me and clearly you aren’t a true friend.”

Gemma Owen said: “I chose to pie Luca because he’s the biggest s*** stirrer in here, lot’s of love though.”

It came after Andrew Le Page confronted Luca and Dami about talking about his relationship with Tasha behind their backs.

Earlier in the episode during a series of dares Luca was told to give a piggyback to who he thought was “riding the coattails” of their partner, which he gave to Tasha.

Andrew told Dami: “You and Luca are supposed to be my best mates and you’re chatting s***.”

“I don’t think it’s that deep,” Dami replied.

Luca said that Tasha’s head had been “turned by every bombshell that comes in here.”

“It doesn’t take Elon Musk to figure out how I’ve come to that answer,” he said.

Speaking to Tasha later, Andrew told her: “If that’s how they really think, they’re not my mates…I don’t care.”

Also during the games, Tasha was instructed to give a double high-five to the couple in the “fakest relationship,” which she gave to Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Culculoglu.

It comes after Ekin-Su told Davide she did not want to “waste her time” as the couple agreed to carry on with their relationship following the revelations of the island movie night.

The couple saw clips of each other getting intimate with other islanders while they were split up during Casa Amor.

Davide had previously confessed to the boys the next morning that he is feeling “very confused” about his future with Ekin-Su.

But despite a deep chat about their relationship, in which Ekin-Su questioned the levels of trust, the pair set tensions aside and made up with a long kiss.

She asked him: “Do you understand my point of view? How do you think I feel when my partner doesn’t believe me?”

Davide replied: “Well, it’s not 100% fully and only my fault if I don’t believe you.

The Turkish actress continued: “If there’s no trust, there’s no relationship.”

“If you can’t trust me now, tell me, then I don’t waste my time thinking this relationship isn’t going anyway.

“I’m so bored of this, I want a man who wants me, do you want me?”

“Yes,” replied Davide and the pair shared a kiss, after being egged on by their fellow contestants.

“I don’t know what this is, me and him are two fireworks that explode when we’re together,” Ekin-Su later confessed in the beach hut.

But their fellow contestants expressed doubt, with Gemma commenting: “they’re gonna keep going and then have this argument in three days’ time”.

Love Island continues at 9pm on Tuesday on ITV2 and ITV Hub.