Junior theatre group formed by previous BGT winners impresses judges

Hungarian shadow theatre group Attraction returned to the show with a junior group, after winning Britain's Got Talent in 2013.

Youth was the theme of the final round of Britain’s Got Talent auditions on Saturday, with shadow theatre group Attraction Juniors wowing the audience with their performance nearly seven years since their adult counterparts won the show.

Hungarian shadow theatre group Attraction won over audiences in 2013 and were crowned the winners of Britain’s Got Talent’s seventh series.

The junior version of the group were formed by Attraction frontman Zoltan and captured the hearts of the judges and audience members.

As Zoltan waited nervously backstage, the juniors, aged between 10 and 17, performed a touching shadow dance to Tomorrow, with the theme of cyber bullying and ridicule on social media.

The performance brought some members of the audience to tears and received a firm yes from each of the four judges.

Amanda Holden said: “I thought the entire piece was very relevant to this world of social media. I loved the message, it was very simple. I think you’re an absolute inspiration, well done.”

Alesha Dixon added: “The fact that you’re using what you do, your talents, to make a difference, to put out positive messages, I applaud you.

“I love that you’re Attraction Juniors, we fell in love with what came before you and I’m excited about your future now as well.”

David Walliams said: “It’s great when a piece has a message, very powerfully put. I think it’s brilliant you’re doing something from the heart, and you’re doing it in this beautiful way, really imaginative way. So I couldn’t fault it, well done.”

Simon Cowell described the performance as “fantastic”.

“I think what you did was fantastic and I had a feeling it was going to be special. I love this kind of audition. I can see actually how moved a lot of you are, you felt the audience reaction. I love moments like this,” he said.

Cowell, 62, said “the kids are taking over the show this year,” as a variety of talented youngsters auditioned.

Mischa, a nine-year-old dancer, impressed the judges and the audience as she performed dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz.

Asked what she wanted to do when she was older, she told the judges she hoped to be “a famous singer, or actress, or even a BGT judge”.

Mischa’s performance began with a slow dance to Holden’s cover of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, with Holden, 51, telling her fellow judges “that’s me singing!”.

After a dramatic crack of thunder and lightning Mischa’s performance became more energetic as she danced around the stage to Rain On Me by Lady Gaga.

Cowell said she was “the happiest contestant we’ve ever had”, before she was awarded a yes from each judge.

Britain’s Got Talent auditions – London
The final round of Britain’s Got Talent saw a variety of impressive young performers (Steve Parsons/PA)

Cormac Thompson, 12, performed a rendition of Run by Snow Patrol and received a standing ovation from the judging panel.

Dixon, 43, described his voice as “heavenly”.

The show also featured a nostalgic performance from The Teletubbies which had the audience wearing party hats and dancing and clapping along.

During the performance it was revealed that Cowell had helped The Teletubbies release their first single as they were signed to his record label at the time.

The usually stone-faced judge received a hug from the four characters at the end of their performance and said: “I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you so much, I’m quite emotional now.”

The ITV talent show returned to screens this year for the first time after it was cancelled in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV.

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