Gregg Wallace celebrates ‘love for our mums' with wife Anna and her mother Rina

Ahead of Mother's Day the Master Chef star discussed the bonding effects of cooking on family relationships.

Gregg Wallace has celebrated “our love for our mums” ahead of Mother’s Day by doing a spot of cooking  with his wife Anna and her mother Rina.

The Master Chef star, 57, said the kitchen should be “a fun place” where “mums can pass on skills to the next generation.”

Sharing a video tutorial of the trio making the family recipe for flatbreads, he discussed the role of cooking together in family relationships.

“Cooking can be fun. If you do it together. It can be a fun place,” he said.

“It is a place where mums can pass on skills to the next generation. Male or female.”

Wallace, who has been a health and fitness advocate since his dramatic weight loss, asked Anna and Rina how important being in the kitchen together was for their own relationship.

“I think something like this is a really good example so kids can get involved,” said Anna.

“So if the kids are involved, they’re laughing and happy and then you’d be happy, seeing the kids making stuff and getting messy and if it goes wrong, it’s fine.”

Her mother added: “I know… people work, they get home and they’re tired. But this doesn’t take five minutes to get on the table.”

Wallace continued: “On Mother’s Day, obviously we want to celebrate our love for our mums.

“And also what better way than to celebrate a family tradition of cooking the flatbreads, a tradition which has gone down probably five generations I reckon.”

Gregg Wallace weight loss
Wallace has become heavily involved in health and fitness after losing four-and-a-half stone (Yui Mok/PA)

The trio then later ran through the recipe which uses flour, baking powder, a sprinkle of salt and yoghurt.

Rina explains that extra yoghurt can be added if the mixture is too dry, to which Wallace admits “I’ve just eaten it.”

He later joked, while the flatbreads are being rolled out, that he had always struggled to create round shapes and instead was “very good at making maps of Africa and South America.”

Wallace has become heavily involved in health and fitness after losing four-and-a-half stone and alongside Anna and a range of experts covering fitness, health and psychology, he launched the website Showme.fit.

The subscription website is designed to help people lose weight, eat healthily and stay motivated, and was inspired by Wallace’s own weight loss journey.

Wallace previously revealed he was warned he was “heading for a heart attack” and had watched himself “getting bigger and bigger” on television before a doctor cautioned him about his high cholesterol in 2017.

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