Sir Mark Rylance: To be honest, the Oscars are actually really boring

The actor, who stars in Netflix's Don't Look Up, says he will not be attending this year's ceremony.

Sir Mark Rylance says he will not be attending the Oscars this year, and admitted he finds the annual ceremony “really boring”.

The actor stars in Netflix’s environmental catastrophe comedy Don’t Look Up, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence.

He plays quirky billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Isherwell, who prevents destruction of the earth-destroying comet in order to mine it for precious elements.

Rylance stars in Don’t Look Up alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep (Niko Tavernise/Netflix/PA)

The film is nominated for several awards, including best picture, at this year’s Oscars.

Sir Mark has previously won the best supporting actor in 2016 for his performance in Bridge of Spies.

But speaking to the Radio Times, Sir Mark said: “I don’t think awards are a serious marker of what the greatest or most inspiring things are, but it’s nice to be celebrated.

“I won’t be going this year. To be honest, they’re actually really boring.”

Asked if his award was on display at his home, he said: “I don’t like to be ostentatious about that kind of thing.

“It was in a box for a long time. I think it’s now on a shelf.”

The 94th Academy awards is due to take place this year on March 27.

Read the full article in this week’s Radio Times.

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