Men must sing from ‘same hymn sheet' as women, Rochelle Humes says

Rochelle and Marvin Humes discussed the importance of working together to end misogyny.

Rochelle Humes has spoken about how important it is for men and women to be “singing from the same hymn sheet” as her husband Marvin addressed how poor male mental health can negatively affect women.

The married couple have joined three other celebrity pairs to discuss how men can better support and uplift women.

In a video for Glamour UK to mark International Women’s Day, Rochelle highlighted how important it is for men to be allies and how more men should be like her husband in this way.

She said: “We need men like him because, though in my career I have always been surrounded by so many strong amazing women, we can only go so far.

National Television Awards 2021 – London
Marvin and Rochelle Humes (Ian West/PA)

“We need to be singing from the same hymn sheet, we need to bridge that gap between men and women … otherwise we are on separate journeys.”

Discussing mental health, Marvin added: “You know, it’s okay to cry, and it’s OK to not be happy about some things.

“Bottling up those feelings can be such a bad thing, and for some men it can have a really bad impact on women.”

The Hit List presenters were joined by model Leomie Anderson and her partner, rapper Lancey Foux, and activists Gina Martin and Ben Hurst in the video project.

Transgender activist Charlie Craggs and her friend and illustrator Henry James Garrett also took part, and discussed transgender issues and recalled a recent example of harassment on a train.

Craggs said: “I received no support on that train, and you know what, I really needed a man to stand up, because that would have been the only person they would have listened to.

“Those boys are just posturing for other men, so if a man says: ‘Stop, that’s not cool’, it has more of an impact.”

Rochelle and Marvin Humes discussed how men and women need to work together to tackle gender inequality (Glamour UK)

She added: “Everyone is talking about the wrong stuff, it’s not about bathrooms, it’s about the fact that violence against – and the murder of – trans people is going up every year.

“How terrifying is that? But that’s not what we hear, it’s all about ‘men’ in bathrooms.

“Well, newsflash, trans women don’t want men in bathrooms either!”

Read the full interviews in the GLAMOUR UK International Women’s Day special Digital Issue online now.

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