Jon Snow to front new Channel 4 programme

It will be his first project with Channel 4 following his departure from the news at the end of the year.

Veteran broadcaster Jon Snow will visit three communities in which people “live to extraordinary ages” for a new Channel 4 programme.

The show, titled How To Live To 100, follows the 74-year-old news anchor as he ventures to communities based in Japan, California and the Greek islands.

Snow will “immerse himself in their lives – living, working and eating alongside them” as he looks to unearth the reasons the residents “live longer and lead less stressful and healthier lives than most people anywhere else on the planet”, an announcement said.

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Jon Snow (Ian West/PA)

Snow said: “As an older man myself, I’m intrigued by one of my assignments for next year – it is to visit three communities: one in Greece, another in Japan, and yet another in California.

“There is something particularly peculiar about these communities – in that people live to extraordinary ages – often in ​excess of one hundred years old.

“We shall be trying to find out what it is about their way of life which I for one could benefit from!”

Snow will step down from his role at Channel 4 news at the end of the year after 32 years at the helm, making him the longest-serving presenter in the programme’s history.

Broadcaster Channel 4 has commissioned Bristol-based Frank Films to make How To Live To 100.

Frank Films’ founder and executive producer Jamie Balment said: “Covid-19 is making us all think hard about where and how best to live our lives.

“This series visits places where – through accident or design – they have got things right and are living some of the best lives on the planet.

“They say never work with your heroes but we are thrilled to be working with Jon on his first factual project after Channel 4 News.”

Louisa Compton, Channel 4 head of news, current affairs and sport, said: “I am thrilled that Jon will continue to be a big presence on the channel.

“This will be a fascinating look at how people live long, healthy lives in three very different communities around the world.

“Jon Snow will unearth the various secrets behind living to 100 by doing what he does best – travelling the world, meeting people, and understanding their lives.”

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