Cynthia Nixon ‘reluctant' to star in Sex And The City reboot

The actress has spoken about putting right some of the wrongs in the original series.

Sex And The City star Cynthia Nixon has said she was “reluctant” to reboot the franchise but signed on to the project to right some of the wrongs of the original.

The actress, who played Miranda Hobbes, recently returned to the HBO comedy-drama with co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis.

The original series, which ran for six seasons from 1998 to 2004, has been criticised for its lack of sensitivity as time has moved on.

Following the release of the first two episodes of And Just Like That, 55-year-old Nixon told Elle magazine: “It’s part of the reason we wanted to do the show, to go back and (undo) the things that we really got wrong. 

“We had gay characters but a lot of the LGBT stuff in it was purely for comedic effect, and now rings harsh on the ear, I have to say.”

Sex and the City 2 – Aftershow party – London
Cynthia Nixon said she was initially ‘reluctant’ to do And Just Like That (Ian West/PA)

Nixon said her fears about the show have been “allayed” since its release last week.

“I was nervous about the whole thing. I was very reluctant at first,” she said.

“I said I probably wasn’t going to sign back on because I felt like there would have to be a sea change to happen to make this show, the show we would want it to be in in 2021 and beyond.

“As wonderful as (SATC) is, to do that show right now would be incredibly tone deaf. So I was really worried that the transformation wouldn’t be big enough, and my fears are very allayed.”

The fourth character in the classic Sex And The City quartet, Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, famously did not appear in the reboot following years of a reported rift between her and Parker.

Speaking about how the show dealt with her absence, Nixon said: “I really love it, I think it’s great – the way we address it, head on. We reveal that there are layers to it.

“There’s what you tell the casual acquaintances is the situation, and then when you’re left alone on your own, and you discuss it amongst yourselves, we get to a deeper level of sadness and confusion about it… We love this character, and we want to show great respect for her.”

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