Gregg Wallace reveals he asked wife to buy him tight T-shirts after weight loss

The star was told by his trainer to get rid of his shapeless clothes.

Gregg Wallace has said he asked his wife to buy him tight T-shirts after he lost four-and-a-half stone.

The MasterChef star, 57, whose wife Anna is 21 years his junior, said his trainer Danny Rai encouraged him to wear more form-fitting clothes and shun the shapeless outfits he had worn when he was heavier.

Speaking as he showed off his workout routine in a video for Men’s Health, he said: “When I was bigger I used to wear loose shirts and Danny said ‘You should wear tight T-shirts now.’

“So I said to my wife ‘Could you just go online and buy me some tight T-shirts?’ because I don’t know how online works because she’s younger than me.

“And she went ‘Why is that?’ and I said ‘Oh Danny likes me wearing tight T-shirts’ and she went ‘Really? What else does Danny like you wearing, Gregg?'”

In the video, Wallace demonstrates the pull-ups, chest press, tricep press-ups and bicep curls that form part of his training routine.

Showing off his bird-dog row, he said: “For Danny it’s a question of mind over matter. He doesn’t mind and I don’t matter.”

Wallace features in Men’s Health’s How I Build My Body video series on YouTube.

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