Louise Minchin selected as new camp leader in I'm A Celebrity

The broadcaster took over the role from football star David Ginola.

The I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! contestants have chosen former BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin to be the new leader of the Welsh camp.

The role was previously held by football star David Ginola after a viewers’ vote elected him to take the lead from soap actors Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson, who were originally made lords of the castle on their entrance.

Minchin, who was shocked at her appointment, selected radio DJ Snoochie Shy as her deputy leader as she wanted someone who would keep the team “really upbeat”.

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!
David Ginola held the title of camp leader before handing it over to Louise Minchin (Joel Anderson/ITV)

During Tuesday night’s episode, the TV presenter said: “Oh my gosh, I did not expect that. What an amazing thing they think I should be their leader.

“I’m really touched, I’m really proud and I’m also really nervous. I want to do it properly and make sure everybody’s happy.”

Minchin and Shy distributed the chores among their fellow campmates, with Gregson and Olympic diver Matty Lee picked as camp chefs and Ginola and singer Frankie Bridge put on camp maintenance.

Woodyatt and music producer Naughty Boy were put on cleaning duty while washing up was dished out to Emmerdale star Danny Miller and Paralympian Kadeena Cox, before she was eliminated from the series on Monday’s episode.

Cox, who was formerly on cooking duty, said she was “not impressed” with her role as she felt she had gone from “one hard job to another”.

Minchin replied asking if she would prefer “poo patrol”, which the athlete swiftly declined.

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!
Snoochie Shy and Naughty Boy faced the coin challenge during Tuesday’s episode (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Shy and Naughty Boy also faced a space-themed Castle Coin challenge when they discovered a crashed spaceship in the castle grounds.

A scroll explained the task, which read: “A star-shaped spaceship has crashed and landed. You need to repair it so it isn’t left stranded. The constellations above will help you fix the lights. By restoring its power you can win festive delights.”

The challenge saw one of them look through a telescope to see a constellation and then explain the pattern to the other, who had to map it out on the spaceship with a glowing neon rope.

Snoochie laughed at the task going “drastically wrong” but they eventually secured the coins and opted for mince pies at the Kiosk Cledwyn.

However, they failed to win the sweet treat after the other campmates incorrectly guessed that 12% of people re-gift presents instead of 22%, but they were still gifted some Christmas decorations from the shop.

Bridge was selected to complete the next trial after they pulled the singer’s name out of a hat.

During the Grim Grinder trial, she was strapped into a cage and in each round a different food would be dropped onto her and she would be asked a question relating to that food item while being rotated.

The Saturdays band member was pelted with meals of fish and curry as she struggled on a few questions, including how to spell dauphinoise and what countries shared a land border with Italy, to which she incorrectly guessed Spain, Portugal and England.

However, she immediately correctly answered that the three most popular curry dishes in the UK are chicken tikka, korma and jalfrezi.

After Frankie won seven out of nine stars, co-host Ant McPartlin joked: “So we’ve worked out your geography’s bad, your spelling’s not great, your maths is terrible, but you love a good curry.”

Bridge laughed and replied: “I do love a good curry. I’ve had a long time to think about food in here guys. Everyone’s going to be so jealous. It looks like I’ve been on a massive night-out.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV and ITV Hub.

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