Carnival atmosphere outside Los Angeles court as Britney Spears fans celebrate

For many supporters of the singer, Friday was the culmination of a years-long campaign.

Cheers mixed with tears outside a court in Los Angeles on Friday as fans of Britney Spears celebrated the termination of the pop superstar’s conservatorship.

Supporters had flown in from around the world to see the end of the controversial legal arrangement that controlled the singer’s life and career since 2008.

A road outside Los Angeles Superior Court was closed to traffic as fans gathered to hear the news for which many of them had waited years.

Pink confetti lingered through the sunny Southern California November skies as supporters danced and sang while waving placards bearing pro-Spears slogans.

When news of the termination filtered through, wild scenes of celebration broke out with fans sobbing in the street.

For some, it was the culmination of a years-long campaign and vindication for the #FreeBritney movement.

Adam McIntyre is a 19-year-old from Brighton. He flew to California for the hearing.

Britney Spears supporter
Britney Spears supporters gathered in downtown Los Angeles for the hearing (PA)

He described the moment the crowd found out about the termination as “electrifying”.

He told the PA news agency: “The sigh of relief, everyone was so grateful. It’s going to do so much for conservatorship abuse globally. And for Britney – she can finally just live a life that she has wanted to live.”

Carmen Puentes, 31, flew in from Chicago. Recalling the moment she heard the news, the grocery store manager said: “My heart dropped and time stood still. I know God is good and I really, really did have faith. It’s such a relief.

“I’m visiting LA for the first time and I got what I was looking for. I can go home happy and can take her (Spears) home in spirit.”

Britney Spears supporters
Britney Spears supporters gathered in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the end of her conservatorship (PA)

Jason Rivera, a 31-year-old graphic designer, had flown across the US from Connecticut to show his support for Spears.

He told PA: “It’s surreal. At first I almost didn’t believe it, I had to keep refreshing Twitter. It wasn’t until Mathew Rosengart (Spears’s lawyer) came out and told us the good news.

“It feels surreal and I’m just so excited for Britney to celebrate today.”

Mr Rivera, who was carrying a “Free Britney” banner emblazoned with an image of his idol, was marching through the streets when news of the termination filtered through.

He added: “It was so exciting, everyone was crying and hugging. I’m not a public crier so I was choking back the tears.”

Britney Spears supporter
Britney Spears supporter Samantha Dussell attended court to hear news of the conservatorship’s termination (PA)

Samantha Dussell, a 53-year-old stay-at-home mother from the city of Riverside, a 90-minute drive from Los Angeles, fought back tears while discussing the conservatorship.

“I’m just really happy for her,” she told PA. “Because if they didn’t approve it then what hope is there for other people? Britney Spears has fought a long time so if they can deny her for so long, what hope is there for anyone else?

“But she gave everybody hope and she brought attention to this terrible institution (conservatorships).”

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