Highlights from Kim Kardashian West's Saturday Night Live sketches

The celebrity's acting skills were on display on the comedy programme.

Kim Kardashian West showed she was game for a laugh with her Saturday Night Live hosting debut.

The billionaire opened the show with close to the bone jokes about her sex tape and famous family.

And she showed off her acting skills in a series of sketches featuring A-list cameos.

Here are some of the highlights from Kardashian West’s Saturday Night Live slot:

In The People’s Kourt

Kardashian West played her older sister Kourtney in a legal sketch, doing her best to impersonate the Poosh lifestyle brand founder.

She oversaw disputes between members of her family – including an SNL star playing herself, hidden away behind her infamous all-black Met Gala outfit.

Kris Jenner appeared as herself, suing daughters Kylie and Kendall.

Kardashian West also sent up Kourtney’s very public romance with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.


Kardashian West played Jasmine opposite Pete Davidson’s Aladdin, who confessed he was intimidated by her.

While seated on a magic carpet, Davidson admitted, “physically I can’t handle you”, joking: “If we go all the way you might, like, break me. My thing might break.”

Kardashian West’s Jasmine tried to reassure him, but Davidson’s insecurities were worsened by news of her A-list ex-partners.

The sketch ended with SNL cast member Bowen Yang as the genie, granting Davidson’s wish for a physical improvement to impress Kardashian West’s Jasmine.

Kardashian West quipped: “That is better – even though it’s the wrong colour.”

They then shared a kiss.

The Dream Guy

Kardashian West starred as a contestant on a parody of the hugely popular US dating show The Bachelor.

It included A-list cameos in the form of superstar comedian Chris Rock, professional wrestler John Cena, Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford and Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams.

Kardashian West handed out tokens of her affection to each celebrity – including  Amy Schumer, who appeared as a producer on The Dream Guy.

Schumer’s acting almost caused Kardashian West to break character and the reality star struggled not to burst into laughter.

The sketch ended with Zeke, a nerdy ordinary joe played by SNL cast member Kyle Mooney, being rejected by Kardashian West and walking off into a flaming pit.

The Switch

Kardashian West, tired of her hectic lifestyle, traded places with SNL cast member Aidy Bryant – but soon had regrets.

They switched lives for 24 hours, with Bryant getting a taste of Kardashian West’s career and being mobbed by photographers.

Kardashian West soon wanted a return to her own life and found Bryant hanging out with her mother and sister Khloe.

It included a joke about Jenner walking around with a handbag full of cash.

They eventually switched back – but not before Kardashian West joked: “I can’t believe I slept with Aidy’s husband.”

Local newscast

Kardashian West played a dim lottery presenter at a zany local news channel in another sketch.

Repeated errors in the draw resulted in weird items such as meatballs, car keys and pieces of bread being brought out instead of numbers.

A mechanic tasked with fixing the machine met a grisly end.

The next draw brought up items including a screw driver, a moustache, a detached finger and blood.

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