Charlotte Hawkins: I am still in touch with former GMB colleague Piers Morgan

She said the journalist is able to ‘annoy in a way no-one else can'.

Charlotte Hawkins has said she keeps in touch with her former Good Morning Britain colleague Piers Morgan.

The journalist left the ITV news programme earlier this year following a row over comments he made about the Duchess of Sussex.

Hawkins reflected on her relationship with Morgan in an interview with Prima.

Piers Morgan possible return to GMB
Piers Morgan left Good Morning Britain over his comments about Meghan (Jonathan Brady/PA)

She told the magazine: “Piers Morgan and I still keep in touch.

“We met up the other day and he’d sent me a text beforehand saying he was looking forward to being able to annoy me again.

“It’s that mischievousness I love about Piers, and he does manage to annoy in a way no-one else can.”

Hawkins also told the magazine she is “a great believer in the more positive you are, the more positivity you attract”.

She added: “It might not be true at all, but I just kind of think if you look at things optimistically, hopefully, that will have an effect on how things are.

Celebrities in London
Hawkins said she aims to stay positive in life (Ian West/PA)

“That’s my outlook on life, I suppose – always hopeful, always positive, and trying to have a positive spin on things because I think life’s too short to worry.

“My husband’s taught me not to use my energy worrying about things I can’t control, which has been a really good lesson.”

Hawkins also said she is “full of admiration” for her GMB colleague Kate Garraway after her husband was in hospital for a year with coronavirus.

She added: “She inspires me. She’s gone through so much in her personal life and yet is able to carry on and it doesn’t affect her professional life.

“I knew how desperately heart-breaking it was and for her to be able to come into Good Morning Britain and to carry on presenting was incredible.

Hawkins discussed Piers Morgan and Kate Garraway in an interview with Prima (Nicky Johnston/Prima/PA)

“I think she found that it focused her mind. Sometimes she’d be up all night, she’d be talking to Derek on FaceTime, then she’d be straight into Good Morning Britain.

“She’d be speaking to politicians and people whose relatives had died and were going through it.

“I’m amazed at how she’s been able to cope in the way she has done.”

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