Simon Cowell tricks America's Got Talent co-star Sofia Vergara with ‘crossbow'

Vergara promised to get her own back.

Sofia Vergara has promised to get revenge after her America’s Got Talent co-star Simon Cowell successfully tricked her with a fake crossbow stunt.

Talent show supremo Cowell fooled the former Modern Family star into believing she had shot him in the chest with an arrow.

Cowell enlisted the help of stunt couple Ryan Stock and Amberlynn Walker, who previously went viral following a botched crossbow stunt on America’s Got Talent.

They appeared in the latest episode and invited the judges to take part in a set-piece.

Cowell, 61, was brought to the stage and a balloon placed over his head while Vergara, 48, was blindfolded and told to wait for a prompt to fire.

However, unknown to her, producers silently rushed on to the stage and made it look like Cowell had been shot by an arrow, complete with fake blood.

While he lay on the floor pretending to be stricken, Walker removed the arrow from Vergara’s weapon.

She fired and the audience immediately groaned while host Terry Crews also played up the incident.

A stunned Vergara removed her blindfold and stared at Cowell in disbelief – before he let her in on the act.

“I got you,” he told the star. Vergara apologised to Walker for pushing her while in shock and warned Cowell: “You know I’m Columbian and we get revenge.”

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