Friends: Some of the show's most memorable moments

Friends' final episode aired in 2004 but the comedy remains as popular as ever.

From Ross saying the wrong name during his wedding to Phoebe’s singing of Smelly Cat, Friends has delivered some of the most quotable moments in TV history.

Fans will be able to relive many of the highlights when the long-awaited reunion arrives this week.

A trailer showed the cast taking part in a table read of well-known scenes and revisiting the set.

Ahead of the reunion, here are some of the show’s most memorable moments:


Ross enlisted the help of his friends in the season five episode The One With The Cop.

The palaeontologist buys a new couch but tries to save some cash by carrying it home instead of paying for delivery.

He gets it to his apartment building with the help of Rachel and Chandler but their attempts to manhandle it up the narrow staircase end with the couch getting stuck.

Ross’ calls of “pivot” do not help. The moment is a favourite among fans.

Rachel gets off the plane

The Friends finale delivered one of the show’s fan-favourite moments with the conclusion of Ross and Rachel’s love story.

After years of arguing about being on a break, it looked as if their romance was not to be when Rachel ignored Ross’ pleas and got on a plane to start a new life in Paris.

A devastated Ross arrives home and checks his voicemail – to find a message from Rachel, who had changed her mind and wants to stay in New York.

Just as it appears she was unable to get off the plane in time, Rachel appears in Ross’ doorway to deliver a happy ending to their will-they-won’t-they saga.

“That’s not even a word!”

Season four episode The One With The Embryos set the boys against the girls with Monica and Rachel’s apartment on the line.

Quizmaster Ross gave both teams questions about each other and the game eventually went to a winner takes all lightening round.

Monica and Rachel are stumped by the question of what Chandler does for a living.

“A transpondster!” Rachel shouts, leading Monica to complain, “that’s not even a word!”

Ross is fine

Season 10 episode The One Where Ross Is Fine sees David Schwimmer’s character reacting to news of Joey and Rachel’s romance.

“I’m fine!” Ross says in a high-pitched voice, suggesting he is anything but.

To show how happy he is at their new relationship, Ross invites the couple to dinner with him and his girlfriend, Charlie.

He gets drunk on margaritas and burns his hands on a steaming bowl of fajitas.

Ross says the wrong name

Two-part season four finale The One With Ross’s Wedding features one of Friends’ most memorable moments.

While exchanging his wedding vows with his British bride-to-be Emily, Ross accidentally says Rachel’s name.

The episode – and season – ends with the minister asking Helen Baxendale’s Emily if she wants to continue.

Set in London, The One With Ross’s Wedding includes cameos by Sir Richard Branson, Sarah, Duchess of York and Hugh Laurie.

The Friends find an unusual use for turkey

In season five’s The One With All The Thanksgivings, both Joey and Monica find themselves with their head in a turkey.

Joey got stuck after trying the bird on in an attempt to scare Chandler and he has to be rescued by his friends.

Monica also wears the turkey for Chandler, sticking large glasses and a fez hat on for one of the comedy’s most striking images.

She was seeking forgiveness following a Thanksgiving flashback about how Chandler lost his toe.

Smelly cat

Phoebe, whose gifts as a singer-songwriter are questionable, has a trademark track in the form of Smelly Cat, a lament for an odorous pet.

It first featured in the season two episode The One With The Baby On The Bus.

The song’s genesis is revealed in season five’s The One With Joey’s Bag, when Phoebe meets her estranged father and he tells her about the Sleepy Girl lullaby he would sing to her as a child.

Smelly Cat has become synonymous with Friends.

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