Lil Buck: Celebrities feel emboldened to speak out after George Floyd's death

The dancer appears in a new short film exploring celebrity for Chanel.

Celebrities feel emboldened to speak out on social justice issues following the death of George Floyd, dancer Lil Buck said.

Stars have been vocal in their calls for change since the death of Mr Floyd, an unarmed black man killed in America by a white police officer, in May last year.

The former officer, Derek Chauvin, was convicted of murder in April.

Lil Buck, who specialises in a style of street dance called jookin, credits the success of social justice movements including Black Lives Matter with encouraging celebrities to speak out.

Lil Buck, who features in Chanel’s new N°5 film on celebrity, told the PA news agency: “I think there are a lot of entertainers who aren’t afraid to use their voice now due to the thing that happened with George Floyd, and how now things are starting to come to life.

“Things have always been happening like this, police brutality has always been happening to black and brown communities but to see a lot of it put out there without fear and the world gets to see what’s going on, I think a lot of the people in the entertainment industry can’t keep a blind eye to it.

Lil Buck
Lil Buck stars in a short film for Chanel exploring celebrity (Chanel/PA)

“They feel they have to speak up, that movement is getting powerful, it’s helping out a lot.”

Lil Buck named basketball player Kyrie Irving and rapper Jay-Z as among those who are using their platform to highlight social justice causes.

Lil Buck, a 32-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee, first found fame after director Spike Jonze shared his interpretive performance of The Dying Swan.

He joined actress Marion Cotillard, choreographer Marie-Agnes Gillot, Chinese fashion TV host Hung Huang, psychologist Laurie Santos and former editor of Vanity Fair Graydon Carter in taking part in a short film for Chanel to mark the 100-year anniversary of N°5.

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