Good Morning Britain's Charlotte Hawkins takes on the #IceFoot92 challenge

The TV presenter is raising money to increase awareness of motor neurone disease.

Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins plunged her feet into ice as she took on a charity challenge live on TV.

The 45-year-old presenter was taking on the #IceFoot92 challenge, set up by ex-footballer Len Johnrose to raise money and awareness for the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association.

Johnrose, a former Preston, Burnley and Blackburn player, was diagnosed with the degenerative disease in 2017 and is challenging all 92 football clubs and their fans across England’s top four divisions and Wales.

Prior to the challenge starting, Hawkins said: “I’m not looking forward to this. But anyway, if you thought the days of plunging yourself into freezing water went out with the Ice Bucket Challenge, think again because this is the Ice Foot 92 challenge.

“It is here to raise money from Motor Neurone Disease Association. The challenge has been set up by the former professional footballer Len Johnrose. He was diagnosed with MND in March 2017 and the 92 seconds represents the 92 football clubs across the top four divisions in England and Wales”.

After plunging her feet into a container filled with ice, she explained more about the challenge, saying: “And the thing is, actually, you know, he (Johnrose) says, if you can cope with this, a lot of people with MND, to be serious for a minute, you know, they have numb feelings in their feet. They cope with this kind of thing every day. So, you know, for them to be able to do this on a daily basis and get through it… If I can get through this then it’s just a small thing.

“My dad, when he was first diagnosed, he talked about feeling like he was walking through snow. And that was the kind of feeling that his feet left him with.”

Hawkins lost her father, Frank, to MND in 2015.

The TV presenter became emotional on air discussing the disease as footage was shown on air of her and her father.

She said of the challenge: “I am nominating every single person who is watching this now, I am going through this, please do this at home. If you’re sat at home working from home you can do this too. Honestly, you can do it too, it’s for an amazing cause… We want to find a cure for motor neurone disease.”

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