Vithun discusses his emotional exit from The Circle

The 23-year-old accountant was blocked on the Channel 4 reality show.

Vithun has said he has thought about his emotional farewell to Andy almost every day since leaving The Circle.

The 23-year-old accountant became the latest contestant on the Channel 4 reality show to be blocked and leave the competition.

As he left the show, which was filmed last year, he said an emotional goodbye to Andy, after forming a strong bond through their virtual interactions.

In the Channel 4 show, contestants living in a block of flats communicate online without ever meeting face-to-face, meaning they can adopt fake identities and “catfish” one another.

Vithun told the PA news agency: “It’s weird watching myself back because it was obviously so long ago.

“Although I think a lot of my memories, I remember them vividly, like my meet with Andy, I feel like I have thought about it every day almost since it actually happened.”

Vithun said fellow contestant Manrika, a 24-year-old recruitment consultant, was “probably the only person who would be as ruthless as me” in the programme.

The Circle Series 3
(Channel 4/PA)

He said the “difference” between them is that “she’s ruthless and loud about it” whereas he went about it “quietly” during the competition.

Vithun said he was pleased he lasted so long in the show as he was “prepared to go out first”.

“I guess the way I do life is I aim high but expect low,” Vithun said.

He added: “I didn’t expect to do well in the game at all just because I have never been popular, but I guess I was really impressed with my reads on everyone.”

Vithun said the contestants have kept in touch since filming the show.

“We have a WhatsApp group where everyone talks and we always talk about our plans to meet up, but obviously once restrictions are back to normal and once I can get a haircut as well,” he said.

The Circle continues on Channel 4.

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