The Circle unveils two new contestants

Nobody on the Channel 4 series has ever confessed to being a catfish during the game until now.

Two new contestants are joining Channel 4 show The Circle.

The new participants include Joey, 26, an entrepreneur from London, who is playing the game as a Nigerian immigrant version of himself called Femi.

He said: “I’ll do whatever it takes to win the game. I’ll do whatever it takes within my moral compass.”

The second is Pippa, 26, a paralegal in commercial litigation from Manchester, who is playing as herself.

She said: “I am just being me and hopefully I can build relationships, but genuine relationships.”

Viewers of Monday night’s show will also see how Andy reacts when he learns that the introverted nurse he has been making friends with is 6ft 3in muscle-bound Hunter from Gladiators.

‘Gemma’ confesses on The Circle (Channel 4)

The Channel 4 show features players who communicate and compete with each other online while housed separately in a block of flats in a bid to win the £100,000 prize.

Contestants can adopt fake identities – “catfishing” one another – and in 2018, Alex Hobern scooped the cash prize after pretending to be a woman to the other players.

So far, nobody on the Channel 4 series has ever confessed to being a catfish during the game.

But the ex-Gladiator “begins to feel it might be time to unveil the person behind the profile”, Channel 4 said.

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