James Bond meets Catherine Tate's ‘0075' character Nan during Comic Relief

The sketch aired on BBC One on Friday.

James Bond met Catherine Tate’s Nan “0075” character Nan during Comic Relief.

Daniel Craig and the comedian appeared together in a sketch during Friday’s BBC One fundraiser.

The clip began with Tate’s foul-mouthed character Nan cleaning an office in MI6 while listening to Diana Ross’ song I’m Coming Out.

“I’m coming out, I’ve had my vaccine jab, I’ve been indoors too long,” she sang to the tune of the song.

She then accidentally presses a button which triggers a video call to Craig’s character, who introduced himself by saying: “Bond. James Bond.”

Nan replied: “Well make up your mind, son. Why are you introducing yourself backwards?”

Catherine Tate
Catherine Tate (Ian West/PA)

Discussing the pandemic, she added: “It’s great being out, I lick people’s faces now just because I can.

“You don’t realise how much you miss those interactions until it’s gone.”

The sketch ends with Nan being revealed as a villain.

She told Bond: “It’s me, 0075. I have got a bus pass and a licence to watch the BBC and I have finally caught up with you.”

Referencing Nan’s famous catchphrase, he responded: “What a liberty.”

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