Ex-Gladiators star and father-daughter duo to compete on The Circle

The Channel 4 series is returning to screens.

A social media influencer masquerading as his uncle, a former bodybuilder from the TV show Gladiators and a father-daughter duo will compete in the forthcoming series series of The Circle.

The Channel 4 show has recruited nine new players who will communicate and compete with each other online while housed separately in a block of flats in a bid to win the £100,000 prize.

Contestants can adopt fake identities – “catfishing” one another – and in 2018, Alex Hobern scooped the cash prize after pretending to be a woman to the other players.

Hashu (Channel 4/PA)

Birmingham-raised YouTuber and content creator Hashu, 28, will be taking part as his uncle Syed.

He said: “From a young age I loved pranking people. I’ve always been the one in the house that makes everyone else laugh.

“This is the perfect opportunity for me to put my pranking and catfishing abilities to the test and entertain the British public, whilst hopefully getting a cash injection.”

James (Channel 4/PA)

Strength and conditioning coach James, 47, appeared on hit 90s TV show Gladiators as Hunter.

He will be hoping to “catfish” the other players by playing the game as NHS nurse Gemma

“I’ve always been somebody who’s enjoyed different challenges, I started off bodybuilding and then I went into Gladiators. After that I went into acting and competing in strongman,” he said.

“Most of the challenges I’ve done have been quite body crushing. I think The Circle will be an interesting challenge to try and get away with playing somebody else, it uses different muscles to what I’m used to.

“I also really want to take this opportunity to give back to NHS nurses, winning the prize money would give me the chance to show my gratitude for all their hard work.”

Jamie & Millie (Channel 4/PA)

Father-daughter pair Jamie and Millie, from Hampshire, will be playing together as Penny, a 49-year-old letting agent from London.

Student Millie, 20, said: “It’s just one of the most unique games you can go into. With social media nowadays, it’s all about the way you present yourself.

“So to go in and get to know someone, without seeing fully who the person is, is quite refreshing.”

Jamie, 57, a relationship therapist, will be helping her attempt to trick the other players into believing their act.

Yolanda (Channel 4/PA)

Dating agency founder Yolanda will be playing as her husband Chris.

The 30-year-old, from London, said winning the prize money would make her husband’s “dream come true” and help him launch a landscaping firm.

“A lot of people feel the world has given up on them and we want to help give people the opportunity to succeed and grow by learning a trade,” she said.

Other players including 23-year-old accountant Vithun, 23-year-old receptionist Tally and 24-year-old recruitment consultant Manrika will be playing as themselves.

Series three of The Circle starts on March 16 at 9.15pm on Channel 4.

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