Josie Gibson aims to slim down to keep up with toddler son

The TV star has become an ambassador for weight loss company WW.

Josie Gibson has said she wants to lose weight and get fit enough to chase her young son around, as she revealed she wants to drop from a size 18 to 12.

The This Morning star, 35, has joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) as a new ambassador and launched its #ResolutionsRewritten campaign, because son Reggie-James, two, is getting “faster by the day”.

She told the PA news agency: “I’ve got up to a size 18 now and I just need to do something about it before it gets really out of control.

“New year, new resolutions, I need a kickstart. I cannot catch him so I need to start by being accountable for my weight because he is so fast, I need to be able to catch him.

“He’s getting faster by the day, I’m sure he’s going to be an athlete or something.

“Also he’s two now and I think he will start primary school when he’s four and I have got two years to train for that mum’s race.

“I want to be number one at the mummy’s race. I just want to have more energy, when you’re on top of your training and you’re healthy and fit, everything else is better and I think I will be better at what I do.”

Gibson said her weight has increased over the year as she dealt with the stress of the coronavirus pandemic.

She added: “The first bit of the lockdown I thought it was the end of humanity, I didn’t handle it very well at all, but now I’m alright.

“Me and Reg get to hang out all the time, don’t get me wrong it can get quite intense but I really enjoy it, he’s like my little mate, he makes me laugh every day.

“When you’re in lockdown with your family you’re not missing out on anything. I just feel sorry for the ones on their own.

“I just wish I had started WW on the first lockdown so I could have done something about my weight instead of eating like it was my last supper and getting really fat.

“With all this, more than ever we have got to concentrate on our health, we have got to make sure we are as healthy as we can be and when you think your health could basically stop you from being on an ICU bed, you’ve got to do something about it, you’ve really got to.

“I want to be a healthy mum, I want to be a healthy, organised mum and get in the mindset for everything, that is the best.

“I’m looking forward to working with my WW coach more because they just help with your mindset cos we all have those days.

“What can happen with me is I will eat a bit of crap and then be like ‘Oh no I’ve  messed everything up’ so then I will eat crap for the rest of the day cos I feel so crap about everything, but that is why the WW app is good, it keeps you accountable, it keeps you focused, it helps with your mindset.

“It’s not everything about my weight, although that is a big thing, but my goal is to feel healthy, fit and strong, that is the number one goal.

“And faster and less tired, and I would love to be a size 12, a comfortable size 12, maybe a 12-14.

“I’m not going to put any pressure on it because I think the moment you start putting pressure on it you don’t enjoy it and I really want to enjoy this journey.

“And I want to be back in my old clothes by the summer, it’s a nightmare, all that shopping.”

Her comments come after James Corden pledged to stop binge eating as he announced a new role, joining WW as a “global partner”, to document his own story and encourage others.

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