Kylie Minogue hopes to announce tour ‘as soon as she can do so'

The pop superstar had been working on upcoming album Disco during lockdown.

Kylie Minogue has said she would love to go back on tour as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.

The 52-year-old pop superstar spent lockdown recording her upcoming album Disco.

In an interview with ITV News, Minogue said she missed being able to announce a tour to coincide with the album’s release, but urged fans to “watch this space”.

She told the broadcaster: “I love touring. I mean, it’s strenuous and it’s difficult and you know, sure. I got to destroy myself a little bit more with every tour, but it’s the one place where … you have to be there to feel it.

“So I really am missing being able to announce a tour or even think when I might tour you know, especially having had Glastonbury last year, which was just, it just couldn’t have been bigger. So that’s a bit of a pipe dream at the moment.

“Watch this space – as soon as I could do so I would love to tour.”

Graham Norton Show – London
Minogue’s 15th studio album, Disco, is due to be released on November 6 (Isabel Infantes/ PA)

Minogue also revealed some details about Disco, which will be her 15th studio album.

She said: “It’s a vibe of heading back to the dancefloor and that’s exactly what we’re not doing. So that makes me feel quite sad about that really.

“It’s a real state of affairs, but … I do believe enough that disco or dance or that kind of feeling is somewhere within us. Please stay there. Don’t make it solely dependent on physically (going) into a nightclub.”

Minogue’s new single Magic is out now, while Disco will arrive in November.

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