Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown reveals her biggest hope for Eleven and Mike

She finally wants to see some joy in her character's life.

Millie Bobby Brown has revealed the one thing she wants to see on Stranger Things – a wedding between Eleven and Mike.

The actress, 16, who shot to fame in the Netflix sci-fi drama, said she finally want to see some joy for her character as she goes into the fourth series.

She told Glamour UK: “Oh my god, she’s been through so much, I just hope she’s happy.

“I always say to the [Duffer brothers, the creators of the show], ‘Can she just not smile like in one take?’ I would love her story to be rounded off by like a good ending.

Millie Bobby Brown (Charlie Brown/Glamour)

“I trust the Duffer brothers so much that it’s going to be beautiful and I’m going to love it no matter what it is.

“But I’d love for her to get her powers back because she is a hero, she is like a super woman in a way.

“And she loves Mike – I want them to get married. That’s what I need. I need a wedding scene for Stranger Things, period.

“Eleven in a wedding dress and her going, ‘Sorry, my nose is bleeding. It’s a white dress.’ Doesn’t it just seem like it would fit?”

The teenager also addressed her struggle with anxiety and how growing up in the public eye has impacted it, saying: “I keep most things private in my life.

“Personally, I struggle with anxiety and in some ways, this has hindered it.

“When I’m having a bad day or I’m feeling very anxious, some things like when people say, ‘Oh, you looked bad at this award show because you looked like this or you looked like that,’ those things make me a little bit more anxious and that hinders me a little bit more.”

However, Brown will next be seen in the new film Enola Holmes, in which she plays the title character and the sister of the great Sherlock Holmes, and said the film taught her a valuable lesson.

She said: “I think Enola Holmes also taught me that being with yourself, being your own biggest critic, being your own biggest support team is so important, too.

“I rely on myself to give myself self-love, because that’s just literally the only way I can. I tell myself, ‘Wow. I did good in that,’ and I have to give myself love because that’s important. Everyone has to empower themselves.”

She added: “The broader message is touching on female empowerment. But we also show that, hey, it’s okay to be a young girl and really not know what you’re doing or what your purpose is in life.

“But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have one. It means that you just have to find it.”

Brown has taken on a new challenge as a producer of the film and said that brought a new sense of responsibility, adding: “I was very nervous. I’m not going to lie…But as soon as I walked on to set, I didn’t even have those thoughts come into my head.

“I just said, ‘Oh, should we try this, or should we try that?’ It just naturally came to me; it was such an amazing opportunity for me to learn and grow. I love putting my input in and have it been appreciated and listened to.

“I do have a lot of faith in myself. As a young person and as a young girl I was very listened to so I’m very lucky that I get to tell my story of that experience. But listen, I came out of the womb having a voice. My mom was like, ‘Mill, you need to shut up.’ I’ve always had something to say!”

Glamour (Charlie Brown/Glamour)

The full interview is in the August digital issue of Glamour, online now.

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