Fred Sirieix: Madonna's bathtub video was out of touch with reality

Sirieix said he was feeling positive about life under lockdown.

First Dates star Fred Sirieix has hit out at Madonna for her bathtub coronavirus message.

The singer, 61, described Covid-19 as “the great equaliser” as she sat in her bath, surrounded by rose petals.

Sirieix, 48, said he was feeling positive about life under lockdown.

Madonna (Isabel Infantes/PA)

But he told the PA news agency: “I only see what I see from my own perspective. We have to remember that and we have to sympathise with people who are not in the situation that we are.

“When I see, for example, Madonna in the bath with milk and roses all over the bath, saying that the thing is a great leveller. I just think, ‘Have you lost touch with reality?’ Are you out of your mind?'”

The post no longer appears to be on the star’s Instagram page.

Sirieix also criticised actress Gal Gadot, who led a star-studded cover of John Lennon’s Imagine to lift spirits amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Gadot sang the intro to Imagine before celebrities like Natalie Portman and Jamie Dornan took it in turns to perform portions of the song in separate videos.

“Gal Gadot singing whatever she was singing with all the people there… They don’t realise what’s going on in the world. They have lost touch with reality of people’s lives. Do you know what I mean?”, Sirieix said.

He also said he has a positive attitude: “Every morning I say to myself, ‘I am happy to be alive’. I’m happy inside my head; I have happy thoughts. I’m lucky, nobody in my family has been affected, or my friends, or the people that I know.”

But “I understand that… life is very different for other people,” he added.

“My children are well, my parents are well, the people in my life close to me are well, whereas if I was living by myself with a health condition, this makes me vulnerable and I can’t come out.”

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