A look back at some of Little Britain's most memorable sketches

Little Britain first appeared on TV in 2003 after starting life as a radio show.

Matt Lucas and David Walliams are set to revive their sketch show Little Britain during BBC One’s Big Night In.

The comedy started out as a radio show in 2000 before being moved onto TV three years later.

Little Britain then ran for three series and was last on screens in 2008.

Here is a look at some of the programme’s most memorable sketches.

Lou and Andy go to the swimming pool

(Yui Mok/PA)

In this sketch the supposedly wheelchair-bound Andy, played by Lucas, and his carer Lou, played by Walliams, take a visit to a swimming baths to get some exercise.

After wheeling Andy to the poolside, Lou goes over to talk to a member of staff about how best to get his companion into the water given his apparent mobility issues.

While they are in conversation, Andy can be seen dashing up the stairs of a nearby diving board and propelling himself into the water, before clambering out of the pool and getting back into his wheelchair.

The scene topped a 2005 Channel 4 poll of the best British comedy sketches.

Dennis Waterman meets Dennis Waterman

Little Britain Comic Relief Stage Show – London
(Ian West/PA)

A sketch with Walliams caricaturing Dennis Waterman was a long-running feature of Little Britain.

In meetings with his agent, the Waterman character would repeatedly insist that he would “write the theme tune, sing the theme tune” for the productions he was in.

In a Little Britain sketch for Comic Relief Waterman came face to face with his impersonator, telling him that he does not “talk like that”, he is “not a midget” and does not “insist on singing the theme tunes”.

Vanessa Feltz visits Fat Fighters

Emma Bunton’s Christmas Party – London
(Ian West/PA)

The TV presenter had a run-in with Lucas’ character Marjorie during a cameo appearance on the show.

During the sketch Feltz visited the Fat Fighters club run by Marjorie to discuss weight loss tips and her television career with the members.

However after seeing the way Marjorie mocks them for being overweight, Feltz brands her a “total cow”, before Lucas’ character appears to spit in her face.

Sebastian kisses the Prime Minister

Charles Finch and Chanel pre-Bafta party
(Isabel Infantes/PA)

Political aide Sebastian, who is played by Walliams, displayed his affection for the Prime Minister in a regular sketch on the programme.

His overtures towards the politician come to a head at a election victory party when he tries to sidle up to him before being asked: “Do you perhaps have the slightest crush on me?”

Sebastian then replies: “No, whatever gave you that idea? I just wanted to say well done.”

He then grabs the Prime Minister and passionately kisses him in front of all the party guests.

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