Bob Geldof on death of daughter Peaches: Time doesn't heal

Peaches died from an accidental drug overdose in 2014, at the age of 25.

Bob Geldof has said that time does not heal, following the death of his daughter Peaches.

Peaches died from an accidental heroin overdose in 2014, at the age of 25.

The Boomtown Rats frontman, 68, spoke about loss to The Mail On Sunday’s Event magazine.

“It surges forward, this involuntary subconscious flood of emotion inhabits you, utterly,” he said.

Peaches Geldof
Peaches Geldof (Ian West/PA)

“I’ll be at the traffic lights and I start to weep and I think, ‘You’re weeping’.

“And I say, ‘Let it go. Let it happen’. Then I begin to sob, racked sobs. I weep then I sob. Then I wise up and look around to check that nobody’s taking pictures or filming.

“But I just look down and I let it come. I just let it happen. Then I’m empty. So, that’s always present.”

Paula Yates
Paula Yates (Peter Jordan/PA)

He recalled how he told a friend that “time doesn’t heal, it accommodates”.

Geldof said that Peaches, whose mother Paula Yates also died from a heroin overdose, had been to rehab.

“She was doing pretty well… Then she ran away from there. I tried to stop her at the door but there’s nothing you can do. She was free to leave,” he said.

The singer helps his widowed son-in-law Thomas Cohen with his two grandsons.

“They’re beyond stupidly cute and completely hilarious,” he said.

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