Dakota Johnson in awkward interview with US TV host Ellen DeGeneres

The 50 Shades star was asked why DeGeneres was not invited to her 30th birthday party.

Actress Dakota Johnson admitted “this isn’t going well” during an awkward interview with TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

The 50 Shades star appeared on DeGeneres’s chat show to discuss her recent 30th birthday party, which had a star-studded list of guests.

Johnson’s boyfriend, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, was in attendance, as well as his ex-wife Gywneth Paltrow and Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr.

The chat took an awkward turn when DeGeneres questioned why she did not receive an invite.

“You were invited,” Johnson said. “Last time I was on the show last year, you gave me a bunch of shit about not inviting you, but I didn’t even know you wanted to be invited. I didn’t even know you liked me!”

Amid laughter from the audience, DeGeneres replied: “Of course I like you.”

As the uncomfortable discussion continued, the TV host added: “You knew I liked you! You’ve been on the show many times and don’t I show… like?”

Dakota Johnson
Actress Dakota Johnson left viewers cringing following an awkward interview with Ellen DeGeneres (Aurore Marechal/PA)

Johnson then roped in DeGeneres’s producer, Jonathan Norman, who appeared to confirm she was, in fact, invited.

The chat then moved on to details of the party, held in Malibu following Johnson’s birthday on October 4. It was revealed DeGeneres’s friend, the comedian Tig Notaro, performed a set.

“It was a surprise!” Johnson said, before adding: “She’s my favourite comedian.”

The audience groaned as DeGeneres looked deflated. Johnson, realising her mistake, quickly added “other than you,” before jokingly standing up and pretending to leave.

In response, DeGeneres said: “I was just talking to my favourite actress the other day. Jen Aniston.”

The awkward encounter did not end there.

DeGeneres tried to take credit for introducing her guest to Notaro, saying Johnson first became aware of her after watching her perform at her birthday party.

“I had left your birthday party before that happened,” Johnson revealed. “Gosh, this isn’t going well!’

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