Lily Allen reacts emotionally to Labour manifesto

The pop star posted a ‘tearful' video online.

Lily Allen has posted a dramatic video of her appearing moved by the Labour Party manifesto.

The document has been released today with leader Jeremy Corbyn hailing its “radical” and “ambitious” vision.

Allen posted a video of herself on the Tik Tok video app, apparently emotional about Labour political proposals.

The outspoken pop star would have appeared to use effects available on the app to simulate her crying.

She remarks in the short video: “Guys, I’ve just watched the Labour manifesto.”

In a separate post she concludes: “I think it’s the best manifesto I’ve ever seen.”

While appearing to weep in the video, the Tik Tok app shows that a filter was used to simulate her tears.

The manifesto includes plans to tax the very highest earners to fund investment in public services.

There are also proposals to renationalise some services, including Royal Mail.

The ability of Labour to raise their stated sums by tax have been branded “quite doubtful” by the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

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