Comedian Jim Moir says he doesn't like British comedy

The star is best known by his stage name, Vic Reeves.

Comedian Jim Moir has admitted he does not like British comedies such as Fleabag.

The star, better known by his stage name Vic Reeves, told Radio Times magazine he usually gives comedies “a three-minute glance” before deciding whether he likes them and that it’s “usually not”.

“I don’t really like British comedy,” he said.

“What’s that one that people seem to like so much? Fleabag. I watched that and it was that sort of Oxbridge ‘Oh, I’m so clever and witty, aren’t I?’

“I don’t like that stuff.

“But then I don’t like Mrs Brown’s Boys either. I like things that are clever but hide it.”

This week’s Radio Times is out on Tuesday.

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