Paul Feig: We need to be more understanding in divisive times

The director spoke at the premiere of his film Last Christmas in London.

Last Christmas director Paul Feig hopes the film offers a message of understanding in “divisive times”.

The filmmaker believes there is a lot of anger and cynicism in the current political climate, and hopes his festive release can provide an antidote.

Asked about the message of the film to a country still gripped by Brexit divisions, the Bridesmaids director said he wanted people to “give each other a break”.

The film follows the erratic life of Emilia Clarke’s heroine Kate, who has fled with her family from the former Yugoslavia to begin a new life in London.

Last Christmas Premiere – London
Emilia Clarke (left) and Emma Thompson attending the Last Christmas premiere (Ian West/PA)

Clarke herself has said the film, co-written by Brexit-critic Dame Emma Thompson, is “important” in a post-referendum UK.

Feig told the PA news agency: “I think the nice message of this movie is just, ‘we’re all in this together’.

“We’re all trying to get by. We all have our own problems. We just have to understand each other more, and just give each other a break.”

The film makes use of a soundtrack of George Michael and Wham! hits, and co-stars Dame Emma and Henry Golding.

Feig hopes the festive feature will counter-act some of the political divisiveness he perceives today.

Speaking at the BFI Southbank in London, he said: “This is a very divisive time, and it’s a very angry time.

“There’s a lot of cynicism around, you need stuff like this to remind, again, we’re all in this together.”

Last Christmas is out in cinemas from November 15.

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